Mini Vacuum Packaging Machine

Mini Vacuum Packaging Machine (Single Chamber Trolley Models) The Right Machine for Small & Medium Production Requirement with Mobility

Mini Vacuum Packaging Machine, Regular Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Technical Specification :
  »  Seal Length : 500mm
  »  Chamber Size : 575 x 575 x 60Dmm
  »  Seal Width : 8
  »  No. Of seal bar : 2
  »  Approx Packing Qty. One Shoat : 4 No.
  »  Approx Packing Time Of One Shoat : 45-60*sec.
  »  VACUUM PUMP 280Lt. (Toshniwal Make) : 1 H.P.
  »  Overall Dimensions Approx : H800 x W680 x D750mm
  »  Power Supply 3phase 415vac 50Hz. : 1 HP
  »  Weight approx : 250Kg.

Standard Features :
  »  Programmable Digital Control Panel.
  »  Flat working surface for easy operation.
  »  Stainless Steel Housing. No Sharp Edges. Easy To Wipe.
  »  Cutout of Toughened Glass to View the Packaging Process from the Top.
  »  Entirely Made from Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminium & other non ferrous materials.
  »  Oil Mist Separator to remove the Oil mist from Vacuum Pump exhaust.
  »  Soft ventilation – A gradual air influx for ventilation process to compensate Pressure to save the
      product appearance and material.
  »  Manual vacuum stop button for liquids & Semi liquids.
  »   Mobile trolley with 4nos. wheels. 2 front wheels will be lockable.

Optional Features :
  »  Inert gas flushing unit.
  »  Gas Pressure monitoring device for Nitrogen.
  »  Plastic filler plates to make the operation fast & easy.
  »  & Gas sensor Control for accurate level of Vacuum