Dosa Making Machines

DosaMatic is a fully automatic Dosa Making machine in the table top format that can make dosas automatically at the touch of a button. DosaMatic can make various types of dosas, from plain dosa, masala dosa, onion dosa, various types of uthappams, rava dosa, etc. Every dosa can be customised in terms of the size of the dosa, the amount of roast of the dosa, the amount of oil/ghee, and any other parameter.

Dosa Making Machines Dosa Making Machines

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The machine is digitally controlled and has options like password control, counter, counter reset, automatic temperature control, ideal mode, energy saving mode etc. The machine looks aesthetically wonderful and runs on electricity. This is the first and only kind of product available in the entire world. This product is specially brought to you by us through an exclusive tie-up with the manufacturers of this product.

  »  Size of the machine : 29*27 inches
  »  Weight of the machine : 50 kg
  »  Size of the dosa made : 34*28 cm (max) 10*10cm (min)
  »  Thickness of the dosa : 1mm to 5mm
  »  Electrical details : 3 kilo watt machine, 1-phase, 15 amp socket required.

Application : Hotel, Restaurant, Small Scale Industries, Laghu Gruh Udhyog, Self Employment, Individual Business Related.